Presentations & Workshops

Delivered at conferences, schools, businesses and organizations nationally and abroad, these keynote addresses, presentations and workshops are designed to be engaging, informative, and highly practical. The workshops, ranging in time from a few hours to two days, allow for more time to develop and deepen the themes.


Bringing Mindfulness to the School

Mindfulness can be described as a state of active awareness and open attention on the present. Commonly associated with certain practices common to the central teachings of the world’s great religions, in the past 30 years or so scientific investigations have produced a large body of evidence demonstrating the efficacy of such practices on one’s ability to mindfully focus and attend,
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Energized Strategies for Engaged Learning

Using Movement, Rhythm, and Creative Play to Facilitate Classroom Learning

It is common knowledge that children today exercise, move, and play outdoors less often than any previous generation, while at the same time engaging in ever more screen time and “virtual reality.” The troubling result of some
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It’s About Balance

Stress-Hardiness, Resilience, and Well Being for Educators (and Students, Too!)

Are you finding it harder to keep up with the increasing challenges of being part of this high-speed world? Feeling more stressed out and not quite sure how to keep or get things back into balance? In truth, most of us — and our students – – are these days. And while there are no
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The Next Step

A Resiliency and Protective Factor Approach to Student Well-being and Academic Achievement

Research in the behavioral sciences and neuroscience in recent years has significantly altered our perception of students who come to us from environments of risk and susceptibility to harm. Originally preoccupied with risk factors
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The Anatomy of Possibility

Integrating Brain, Body, and Heart Intelligences for Enhanced Learning, Performance, Creativity, and Health

We live in an exciting and challenging time, one in which science — from anthropology to biology, from neuroscience to quantum physics — is redefining the world we live in, as well as what it means to be human. With more knowledge having been acquired
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