It’s About Balance

Stress-Hardiness, Resilience, and Well Being for Educators (and Students, Too!)

Are you finding it harder to keep up with the increasing challenges of being part of this high-speed world? Feeling more stressed out and not quite sure how to keep or get things back into balance? In truth, most of us — and our students – – are these days. And while there are no simplistic answers, there are important adjustments that can be made to enhance one’s overall “stress-hardiness.” The good news is this: understanding what stress is — and is not — along with well- targeted changes, specifically applied, have been shown to produce positive results in stress reduction and enhanced learning, performance, and overall well- being. From a synthesis of research in fields such as stress management, human resiliency, wellness, martial arts, exercise physiology, the brain sciences, neurofeedback, positive psychology, and peak performance science, come key principles and useful techniques that can help facilitate a calmer, more energized, and balanced approach to living and learning. The workshop provides a framework that includes theory, research and — most importantly — practical and effective tools with which to make it applicable and effective for you and your students.

“This was a very, very refreshing and hopeful workshop.”

Lynn Gregory, Administrator, Alternative Sentencing Program

“Very, very in-depth. Wonderfully thought-provoking!”

Tom Kidd, Health Educator

“The workshop gave me a chance to gain perspective as a person, mom, counselor and educator. Very fulfilling and enlightening.”

Kristen Bruder, School Counselor

“This was rejuvenating!”

Joy Thomas, Speech-Language Pathologist

“I feel inspired with the information that I have learned. I will use what I learned with staff, clients and myself.”

Jeannie Lelich, Community Corrections Officer

“Very good! I will use this not only in work, but also to help my own development.”

L. Norrell, Alcohol/ Drug Abuse Prevention

“This was an extremely beneficial workshop, fulfilling exactly what was advertised: rejuvenation.”

Ron Martin, Middle School Teacher

“Great ideas to help de-stress! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you!”

Kriss Webut, Art Teacher

“Very, very worthwhile and purposeful. Keep up the good work! Dave Hernandez, Math Teacher Outstanding!”

Steph Rowe, Health Educator