Bringing Mindfulness to the School

Mindfulness can be described as a state of active awareness and open attention on the present. Commonly associated with certain practices common to the central teachings of the world’s great religions, in the past 30 years or so scientific investigations have produced a large body of evidence demonstrating the efficacy of such practices on one’s ability to mindfully focus and attend, the starting place for all learning. As well, thousands of studies point towards an enhancement of psychological wellbeing and physical health through mindfulness practices.

Research outcomes continue to demonstrate the effectiveness of mindfulness-based practices in schools, as a result of which more and more schools are showing interest in providing an opportunity for both staff and students to learn about and practice the techniques.

In this workshop, designed with educators (and students!) in mind, we take the time to investigate the theory, research and, most importantly, the practices associated with mindfulness states, exploring the relationship between changes known to take place in the central nervous system (i.e., the brain) and the autonomic nervous system (arbiter of ones levels of stress, which is highly correlated with various forms of dis-ease and illness).