For Students and Parents

The Amazing Brain: A Work in Progress 

Offered to students, grades pre-kinder through 12th, and their parents, the presentation provides an “operators manual” for “the most complex three pounds of matter in the known universe.” The presentation is filled with fun, interactive learning activities, and the length and content is appropriate for each grade level. Topics include: the basic architecture of the brain, the importance of diet and hydration, exercise and sleep; the role of downtime in augmenting learning; the damage that can be caused by binge drinking and other drug abuse (for older students); and much more. The presentations are often done in conjunction with the staff workshop and serve to spread the “news you can use” about the amazing brain throughout the school-community. Staff, students and parents give enthusiastic feedback about the presentation!

“Tim showed the capacity to reach out to students of all ages due to his breadth of knowledge and ability to connect at their level. The fact that he was besieged with intelligent questions is in itself a wonderful compliment. His presentation for the parents was extremely well-received, and I felt somewhat guilty having to call time after two hours.” 

Jeremy Lewis, Headmaster, Istanbul International Community School