The Anatomy of Possibility

Integrating Brain, Body, and Heart Intelligences for Enhanced Learning, Performance, Creativity, and Health

We live in an exciting and challenging time, one in which science — from anthropology to biology, from neuroscience to quantum physics — is redefining the world we live in, as well as what it means to be human. With more knowledge having been acquired in the last decade than in the past 150 years, recent discoveries about the brain reveal an astonishing three pound universe of possibilities inherent in each of us. These findings include the clear-cut differences on the brain of environmental enrichment versus impoverishment, the reality of brain plasticity and neurogenesis, “mirror neurons,” epigenetics, and the remarkable “upgrades” that take place in the teen brain. In addition, recent discoveries in the field of neurocardiology point to the human heart as not simply a pump, but as an “organ of vast intelligence.” Moreover the body itself has what gastroenterologist and author, Michael Gerson, M.D., refers to as a system of bodily intelligence. In effect, we have not one but three separate yet highly integrated brains. When it comes to learning, health, performance, creativity and productivity, three brains are better than one!

These findings have exciting implications for childhood and adolescent learning and development, as well as adult creativity and well-being. This informative, interactive and highly enjoyable presentation highlights the interface between brain, body and heart research, as it applies to learning, intelligence, and human development.

“It was excellent. The knowledge and information presented was outstanding. I would like to see every teacher and administrator take this workshop.”

D. Baker, Middle School Principal

This information can be put to use in the classroom tomorrow! Specific things! This validated what I do and why I do it!”

K. Reagan, Elementary Teacher

“Tim modeled brain-compatible learning strategies throughout the workshop. We had fun, worked in cooperative

groups, shared emotions, and participated in energizers. I learned a lot!”

S. Martinez, Director of Special Education

“Soooo much information! More time would have been great. I look forward to sharing with my staff. Worth every second!”

U. Gomez, Principal A. Milstein, Gifted Education

“This workshop is full of practical activities useful in a broad variety of settings.”

S. McDuffie, Occupational Therapist

“This workshop opened my mind and heart like no other workshop I’ve attended in my 17 years of teaching.”

A. Searcy, Kindergarten Teacher

“A fantastic workshop — stimulating and useful.” 

J.Kail, LISW, SocialWorker

“This was excellent. A wonderful balance of exercises and activities to use, along with didactic information.”

D.Teuteberg, LISW, School School Worker